About The NY Hip Hop Report

Hello. My name is Manny Faces.

Because New York hip hop was nearly non-existent in “mainstream” hip hop media, as part of my mission, I thought that if people talked about New York hip hop with other people who loved New York hip hop, it would help spread the information I was covering for Birthplace Magazine.

I thought there should be a radio show that didn’t just play songs, but spoke on the music and culture, and invited people to call up and discuss, and debate.

Like sports talk radio. Just hip hoppier.

Since there really weren’t any, I created one.

Now, for more than two years, The NY Hip Hop Report has been operating weekly, sharing our groundbreaking format of hip hop talk radio, aimed at issues relevant to the New York-area, but of interest to the general hip hop population at large. Discussions revolve around many topics that relate to hip hop music and culture, with occasional guests adding to the dynamic.

Notable appearances have included Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box fame, legendary rap artist Big Daddy Kane, industry veterans like DJ Cipha Sounds and rapper/actor Saigon, directors of large, New York-based events such as Ericka Elliott (NYC SummerStage) and Wes Jackson (The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival), independent artists (Homeboy Sandman, Hasan Salaam, YC The Cynic, Kane Mayfield), organizations (Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen) and many more.

We’ve even broadcast remotely, for special episodes live from Lyon, France, Oslo, Norway and while driving back to New York after the A3C Hip-Hop Festival.

We’ve touched topics that only New Yorkers could speak on, such as the recovery from Hurricane Sandy, and topics that need our voice, like women in hip hop,  hip hop activism and race and hip hop.

Live callers from the region, country and the world add to the show’s engagement, creating a truly interactive radio experience unparalleled in the field.