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#RIPProdigy, JSWISS Interview, NY Hip-Hop Event (P)reviews and more [S05E07]

S05E07 – #RIPProdigy, JSWISS and more

Tonight, #RIPProdigy, exclusive JSWISS interview/announcement, event (p)reviews, serendipitous hip-hop meetings on the streets of Newark, and YOU!

Posted by Manny Faces on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On this episode of The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces, you know we had to pay respects to the late Albert “Prodigy” Johnson, of the legendary Queens hip-hop group Mobb Deep. Prodigy passed away unexpectedly, leaving a hole in the heart of many a hip hop fan, from Queensbridge to the world. Manny showed love by playing a piece of a Complex interview with Prodigy, where the veteran MC gave sage advice about paying attention to one’s health. Coming from one who had to deal with a number of health issues throughout his life, it was fitting to show such a vulnerable perspective from one of hip-hop’s most respected artists.

Despite some unexpected technical glitches, Manny was able to play a pre-recorded interview with JSWISS, a talented young artist who has released quality music for a while now. Often found rocking with a live band, JSWISS announced his monthly Rockwood Music Hall residency, which will see the MC and a slew of talented musicians hitting the stage to bring a unique and organic display of MCing and live music. Keep an eye on the Birthplace Magazine New York hip-hop event calendar for more information.

Speaking of the calendar, Manny ran through several upcoming events, being sure to cast deserved light on events that focus on more than just the music part of hip-hop, showing once again that few media personalities represent New York hip-hop music AND culture more than Manny Faces and The NY Hip Hop Report.

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