Macklemore, Melle Mel, ageism in hip hop, #GrapeGate

Grammy award-winning artist Macklemore recently dropped a song, “Downtown,” which featured hip hop pioneers including Grandmaster Caz of essay help the Cold Crush Brothers, Melle Mel of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and Kool Moe Dee, know for hits like “Wild, Wild West” and “Go See The Doctor.”

While many praised Macklemore for putting veteran hip hop architects on a song — something few have seen fit to do — there were plenty who looked at the situation differently. Some felt that the collaboration seemed like Macklemore was pandering for hip hop cred. Some say the pioneers were relegated to the role of backup singer, and that research paper writing the whole situation was beneath them.

About the collaboration, as was Melle Mel, who, in an interview, expressed disdain at others who, in his mind, haven’t seen fit to show love to their elders.

Many took offence at this airing out, pointing out the many artists who have. Our host also disagreed wth the commentary, claiming it made the pioneers seem close-minded and bitter to disparage an entire generation of artists, and fail to understand why some might question their involvement with Macklemore.

Regardless how you feel, the incident dissertation writing service has brought up the discussion of ageism in hip hop that we’d like to explore.

We’ll discuss the sides of this debate, and as always, welcome your calls.

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