The hip hop music world has been abuzz for the last couple of weeks as explosive, divisive events have spurred conversation and controversy.

Queens-bred upstart Action Bronson’s flippant response to a question regarding what many consider the father of his style, Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah, received backlash from many hip hop purists and Tony Starks himself!

Meanwhile, Meek Mill’s assertions that Drake resorts to the use of ghostwriters, with the help of NY’s own Funkmaster Flex backing it up, set off an explosion of discussion and debate on ghostwriting’s place in rap music.

Lastly, fresh off the “black women have an attitude problem,” Hot 97’s provocateur-in-chief, Ebro Darden, stoked the flames of hip hop fans with the assertion that the legendary Nas was in fact, “not a lyricist.”

All three of these situations once again veered the hip hop world away from the actual contributions by those involved in the music and culture, but did touch on some interesting topics.

As always, our show opens it up to the people. We had several callers share their thoughts on these issues.

Lastly, we also shared some late-breaking, sad news regarding Styles P, who shared with the world the fact that his daughter had taken her own life. We send out heartfelt condolences to Styles, his family and friends.


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