Supreme BARs, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

On this episode of The NY Hip Hop Report, we spoke to Roberto De Jesus, the founder and conductor of Supreme BARs, a monthly MC AND producer competition that takes place in Brooklyn. Three-time MC champion and current host Doron Lev also joined the call and the two spoke about the unique series, which also doubles as a community-minded networking event.

Steve Ortiz and Manny Faces discussed the annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, long known for its surprise guest appearances, and whether or not it was fair to judge a concert of that magnitude largely on the level of surprise guests (or lack thereof).

Manny Faces provided his unique insight as to the possibility of a Hip Hop Hall of Fame, while the two spoke on several other topics and references to the vast array of hip hop music and culture in and around New York City.

The NY Hip Hop Report will be bi-weekly for the remainder of Summer 2015. Archives can be heard on Soundcloud, iTunes and as a podcast.