RIP Pumpkinhead radio show tribute + Illspokinn

The music world, particularly the close-knit New York indie and underground hip hop community, recently lost a veteran MC, father, brother and friend, when Robert “PH” Diaz, known to many as Pumpkinhead, passed away at 39.

The Brooklyn artist, perhaps known best by his Orange Moon Over Brooklyn album, died unexpectedly, just days before returning to an old stomping ground, the long-running weekly showcase End Of The Weak, to take part in the legendary MC Challenge.

Preceding that event, the essay help crew behind the weekly in-the-park rap sessions, , also friends and colleagues, dedicated the event to PH, and had family, friends and industry associates on hand to celebrate his life and music.

We were on hand at that event and collected thoughts from some individuals who knew and loved research paper writing Pumpkinhead, and we shared them, as well as our own thoughts, on this episode.

Joining us on the phone was Illspokinn, the multi-talented entertainer and host of the long-running Freestyle Mondays MC gameshow battle and open mic. Along with Tru Statement Entertainment, Illspokinn is presenting the latest edition of the Props to Hip Hop event series, and awesome, live-band fueled, 20+ MC on stage live show tribute to hip hop’s legends. This episode, Rest in Beats, will focus on those artists who have passed away, leaving their music, and legacy behind.

Props to Hip Hop will take place on Saturday night, June 20 at The Cutting Room.

Also joining us was Art from the website dissertation writing. The site mixes hip hop, technology and entrepreneurship to inspire designs based off of lyrics. Art described the process and mission of the site to keep the focus on lyrical content in rap music.

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