Ah, Grammys night. Time for all the non-top-40 rap fans to call out the Academy’s lack of “real hip hop” understanding. Yet, as the masochists they are, they’ll watch. And moan. And complain. And walk away with the reinforced, yet still false, assertion that hip hop is d-e-d dead.

What they should have done, is tuned in to Episode 115 of our live talk show, where we highlighted many aspects of hip hop music and culture that the Grammys, and even our hometown hip hop media, ignore.

We gave you a thorough rap roundup, event reviews and upcoming show previews, discussing them WITH you, as we take YOUR CALLS live throughout the show.

We’ll also get a shoutout from the legendary Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box fame, checking in to let us know about his All-Star hip hop event going on during All-Star Weekend in New York City.

We also heard from writer/radio/show host Chad Law and Mac Vick to report on their ongoing weekly showcase and radio show out on Long Island.

So we said, “Come on folks! F THE GRAMMYS! Tune in, listen, call in, participate, learn, share and support, the alternative to mainstream New York hip hop media.”

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