RIP Hot 97, Funkmaster Flex vs Jay Z

Once again, the beat of hip hop revolves around our fair city, as New York continues to capture the attention of hip hop’s worldwide audience. This time, tragic reasons, as well as potentially industry-shaking news were at the top of hip hop’s collective consciousness, and as usual, The NY Hip Hop Report was right on top of it all.

First, we started the episode paying our respects to ASAP Yams, the visionary behind the ASAP Mob collective, and creative engine behind the careers of artists like ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg and the rest of the crew. ASAP Yams was only 26 years old, and word of his passing shocked the hip hop community, with many kind things being said about the young mogul-in-the-making. While details are sparse, we took time to speak highly about this young man’s effect on the game, and offered our condolences.

Moving on, we got into the meat and potatoes of the episode, the current shakeup at iconic New York rap radio station Hot 97. We had originally planned to speak about their recent hires, the inexplicable acquisition of a Miami-based Program Director with no previous hip hop radio experience, and an extreme out-of-town on-air jock to fill Angie Martinez’s old spot.

But then Funkmaster Flex made waves with his anti-Jay Z tirade over the airwaves, and we just had to get in on THAT conversation.

Add to that, late-breaking rumor that Jay-Z, along with Carmelo Anthony and other investors, was interested in BUYING Hot 97, and we had a ton of rap radio topics to get into.

We took callers, discussed the nuances, made some predictions and interacted with the chatroom. It was a great discussion, and certainly worthy of checking out on the archive.

Later in the show, MC/producer/musician Coole High joined us to talk about his own endeavors in the radio world, as well as to tease his new upcoming album, Black Jew, a collaboration album with Brooklyn producer Black Sparx.

All in all, yet another example why The NY Hip Hop Report is NY hip hop’s #1 talk radio show.

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