The NY Hip Hop Report

Ah, the beginning of a new year. Another milestone moment, to look at, analyze and discuss NY rap music and hip hop culure.

Tonight, we’ll begin our show imploring members of the hip hop public to stop doing the ONE THING that really does damage to the music and culture that they claim to love and support.

Then, hosts Manny Faces and Steve Ortiz will have a discussion about who, what, where, when and how the New York rap scene continues to grow, thrive, innovate and excel, despite the massive amount of ignorance about it displayed by hip hop media, and sadly, much of our own community.

Here’s a great chance to call in and talk to us and our audience about what YOU enjoy in New York rap scene. An artist, a group, a DJ, a producer, a venue, an organization…

We spend every week doing this, but from time to time, we want to make sure we’re not missing anything.

So, if you care about NY rap music and hip hop culture, and have something to say about it one way or the other, now’s your chance.

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