The NY Hip Hop Report`

Following up on our remarkable special episode last Tuesday, Hip Hop & Race: A Talk Show Town Hall, this was the last episode of 2014. We took a look at the year in hip hop, particularly as it relates to our New York rap ecosystem.

We also spoke with Soul Inscribed, to talk about their Blue Note Jazz Club show coming up on January 2, and exactly what they have in mind by fusing hip hop, soul and funk.

Oh, we had a ticket giveaway also!

We don’t really do end-of-the-year lists, since they’re usually only done to incite chatter and clicks, rather than give the audience credit for being able to decide on their own what they thought was their favorites, we prefer to let you tell us what YOU thought was the best.

Of course, we gave our opinions, and as always, we looked to you for your calls to give us your thoughts.

Check it out, and as always, thanks for the support.

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