The NY Hip Hop Report – Episode 036 [January 20, 2013] – Hip Hop and/in the Media

The-NY-Hip-Hop-Report-Talk-RadioMayhem Lauren and Pitchfork. A$AP Rocky and Spin. Chief Keef and Pitchfork. B.Dot and Spin… The recent backlash against media coverage of hip hop, particularly by some of the aforementioned participants in hip hop, caught the eyes and ears of Birthplace Magazine editor-in-chief and show host Manny Faces, who penned an editorial on the matter, entitled “Meyhem Lauren, Pitchfork, Hip Hop and Hipster Media.” This show is an extension of some of the ideas raised in that piece regarding how media outside of hip hop views hip hop, and the job, or lack theorof, that hip hop media itself does.

Several recent incidents were discussed, including B.Dot’s (RapRadar) beef with Spin Magazine’s review of Chief Keef’s album and Meyhem Lauren’s diss-record-rebuttal aimed at Pitchfork after their less than glowing review of his recent mixtape.

Shouts to first time listeners and callers, as well as regulars and other media entities who weighed in, including Brian Pace of The Pace Report and Chaz Kangas.

Check out the 36th episode of The NY Hip Hop Report below.

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Meyhem Lauren - Pitchfork Hip Hop - Hipster Media

Meyhem Lauren, Pitchfork, Hip Hop and Hipster Media

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